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Pottery Painting

Quick Details

All prices do not include pottery.
Studio Fee Per Person

Create Your Own Masterpiece


  • Choose a piece of pottery from our wide selection.
  • Our staff will explain all of the paints and materials with you so that you are comfortable beginning your painting process.
  • When you are finished painting, take a photo of your piece(s), and leave your item(s) with us for five days for glazing and firing.
  • Your piece(s) will be ready after 3 p.m. on the fifth day.
  • All pottery is paid for in the studio.

Picking Up Your Pottery:

  • At checkout, take a photo of your piece(s). You will need this photo when you pick up your pottery.
  • Your piece(s) are ready in five days, at approximately 3 p.m.
  • You have until the last day of the month following the month you painted in to pick up your pottery. For example, if you paint during the month of January, you have until February 28th to pick up your pottery. If you paint during the month of February, you have until March 31st to pick up your pottery. Unclaimed pottery is donated to the public on the 1st of the next month.

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