• Choose a piece of pottery from our wide selection.
  • Our staff will explain all of the paints and materials with you so that you are comfortable beginning your painting process.
  • When you are finished painting, leave your item(s) with us for 5 days so we may fire it in our kiln.
  • Your piece(s) will be ready after 3pm on the 5th day. You will have approximately two months to pick up your piece(s).


Picking Up Your Pottery

  • At checkout, you will be given a yellow receipt. Please hold on to this receipt. If the receipt is lost, you may still claim your piece. Call ahead.
  • Your piece(s) are ready in five days, at approximately 3pm.
  • You have 45-60 days to pick up your pottery. The last day to claim your pottery is always on the 15th of the month.

Unclaimed Pottery

  • On the 16th of every month, all unclaimed pottery is given away to the public.
  • This includes the pottery from two months prior.